Hippie Sabotage – two brothers (Kevin & Jeff Saurer). They started making music in the mid-2000s. Working together with the local producer Chase Moore, during their early career, they produced the rappers such as the J. Leake and Yukmouth. Later, they collaborated with the Chicago performers – Calez of, 2008ighties and Kami de Chukwu. Hippie Sabotage improved and expanded their bits and will soon.

Have a more varied sound to their tracks for rappers such as the Alex Wiley ( “Something to Say“). Plus ( “Callin ‘Me”). They released their own material – EP Vacants in early 2013. And subsequently a pair of singles ( “White Tiger” and “Sunny”, “Your Soul” ). During the same year. But only after the spring 2014 the singer Ellie Goulding has placed in his instagrame their remix of “Stay High” Swedish singer Tove Lo. They have received worldwide attention. The song received over one million views, and the approval of Ellie Goulding heralding a bright future for the duo.

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Sacramento-born and raised brother duo Hippie Sabotage started to make music in the mid-2000s. Working closely with local producer Chase Moore during their early career, they mixed the cultural melting pot vibes of their hometown with hip-hop and produced beats for rappers such as J. Leake and Yukmouth. They later collaborated with Chicago-based artists such as Calez of 2008ighties and Kami de Chukwu.

Hippie Sabotage developed and expanded their beats and soon incorporated more diverse influences on their tracks for a whole new host of rappers such as Alex Wiley (“Something to Say”) and C Plus (“Callin’ Me”). They released their own material with the EP Vacants in early 2013 and followed this with a couple more singles (“White Tiger” and “Sunny”) throughout the same year.

It was only in spring 2014 when singer Ellie Goulding posted their remix for “Stay High” by Swedish singer Tove Lo (songwriter for the likes of Icona Pop and Girls Aloud) on Instagram that they began to get worldwide attention. The song reached over a million hits following Goulding’s endorsement and signaled a bright future for the duo.

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