Wicked Game – Chris Isaak song from the album HeartShapedWorld (1989). Despite the fact that the song was released in 1989, it became a hit much later, DavidLynchafterused it in the film “Wild at Heart.” Lee Chestnut, director of the radio station in Atlanta, being a fan of Lynch’s films included the song in rotation, then in January 1991, it became a worldwide hit, and took the sixth place on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the US.

On the track it was released cover-release groups: Stone Sour, A Perfect Circle, Three Days Grace, HIM, Parra For Cuva and Anna Naklab, Gemma Hayes. The director of the clip – Herb Ritts. Co-authored with David Lynch. The shooting took place in Hawaii. In the video shot top model Helena Christensen. It was filmed in black and white.


Finnish rock band HIM has recorded a cover version of a song that was released as a single from the album Greatest Lovesongs vol. 666. The song was included in the 2 HIM album: Greatest Lovesongs vol. 666 and Razorblade Romance. The first version of the cover version of Wicked Game was recorded on a demo This is Only The Beginning. Also present song on the disc 666 Ways To Love: Prologue.

Clips [edit | edit wiki text]
On the composition was filmed a video clip that has multiple versions.

In 1996, the first version was filmed in which musicians walk their dog in the park. Directed by Antti became Melasniemi.

Wicked Game

In 1998, the single went on sale in Europe, soon the first professional video team (and the second on this song) was removed after that. He became the director for Markus Walter. That he belonged to the idea to make the first clip in the scenery of the ice cave and Gothic ruins. During the video shoot was a misunderstanding that has resulted, however, for a split group. Directed by mistake counted HIM quartet, so the fifth member of the group, Antti, appears in the video is just for a few seconds at the end, in a snowman costume.

In 2000, a new version of the single «Wicked Game» was released on the album Razorblade Romance. Then came the so-called “version of the bar.”

The album also included a composition by the second number (in the Finnish edition – under the third).

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