In the US and Europe barbecue – as much a part of cultures as a kebab in Caucasian people. At first glance, these concepts are very similar. Each season is barbecue enjoyed by all of us more and more popular, and more and more people prefer to grill a traditional barbecue. What is the feature of the barbecue and what and how to cook it?

Now called a barbecue and special equipment, and food that it is prepared, and a picnic, during which there is action, and specialized institutions and even the sauce to the meat grill. To simplify often use the abbreviation of the English word barbeque – BBQ.

Little things that you need to know of barbecue

In order to not sticking grill grate products, it is required to be heated in advance and lubricated with vegetable oil. After use, the grill must be well cleaned.

To make the smoke more flavor, you can throw on top of the hot coals a few well-soaked wood chips in water or fruit tree branches or vines. You can also add a few sprigs of herbs, such as thyme or rosemary.

For barbecue often use wooden skewers (broshety). They are easy to cook shrimp, small kebabs, vegetables, etc. Before using these skewers should be soaked in water.

Choose the right way to prepare

Products small size, small or thin pieces, such as kebab, chicken breasts, steaks, fish fillets and vegetables fire away over hot coals (direct method). They quickly covered with a crust, but inside will remain juicy.

Larger, stiffer and fatty foods, such as whole poultry carcasses, meat on the rib, brisket or shoulder is necessary to cook slowly, otherwise they Undermountain, and inside will be raw. To this end, the coals should be set aside and distributed on the sides (the indirect method).

Very tender meat, a young bird and fish, it is better to cook quickly, but not directly over the coals, or they may be too dry.If you close your barbecue cooker cover, you get the effect of the oven. This is usually done when the indirect method of cooking. If you prefer the rough prozharka, the boiler is better to leave it open.

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