Pilaf with pork

To prepare this recipe for pilaf, for neededtoadd:

  • pieces of pork pulp
  • carrot
  • bulb onions
  • rice
  • spices: cumin, barberry, dried tomato, paprika, turmerics

I not have the number. All proved highly dependent on the size and how much you want to cook pilaf. Just remember that meat, onions and carrots should be about the same amount. Rice can take the same amount as the meat, and can be up to two times more.


I usually pre-cooked. I just buy on the market in equal amounts cumin (preferably black), dried barberries, paprika, dried tomato and turmeric. All this is poured into a jar, mix and all the ready.Better to take a jar with a screw cap, for example baby food as seasoning is obtained much more than you need for cooking.


Seasoning prepared, Now for rice. Thoroughly rinse in several waters Fig. Fill it again with cold water and set aside aside, let soaked. Cut the meat into small pieces about the same. We put the kettle on the stove and pour into the cauldron cooking oil. I find it hard to tell you the exact amount of oil, I always kept going to the eye on the basis of their own experience cooking pilaf. Today, for example, I was preparing pilaf 500 grams of meat and 600-700 grams of rice. To this amount of oil products it took about 200 grams. The amount of oil also depends on how much fat we have meat. The fatter the meat – the less oil as the fat drips out will.

Kasane is best to choose a cast-iron. The cast-iron cauldron pilaf cooked evenly and does not burn.Oil must be ignited, but not overheat. To test, I throw in the butter cut in half a small onion. Calcined oil until onion browns. Once the onion browns, we get it from the oil with a slotted spoon. In hot oil, throw the meat sliced earlier. While the meat is fried cut onions, not forgetting to stir the meat from time to time. Then cut into thin julienne carrots. Do not forget to stir the meat. The first time is probably chop the onion and carrot in advance. Our meat should be ready.

Fry for about five minutes, stirring occasionally to avoid burnt. Then add about a teaspoon of seasoning for pilaf, which we prepared earlier. Now we can thoroughly with salt in such a way that later would still add the rice and water. Ready pilaf spread on a large platter or decompose on the plates.

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