Parade people awesome intelligence and unique abilities. National show “Amazing people” will soon show in its broadcast TV channel. Preparation of this has already begun. It also acts as co-authors of “White Media” company, and apparently. Designed to gather under his wing. The most extraordinary and highly intelligent people of our country.

People awesome

If a person is endowed with certain unique abilities and ready to show them to the public, then it can become a member of the new talent show “Amazing people” and compete for the grand prize. What is meant by the words “unique ability“? Yes, everything that goes beyond the ordinary, which causes surprise and admiration of others.

The most flexible of all people living with your body gets up incredible things he easily crawls through a hole in a tennis racket and through the toilet seat, and can be minimized to the incredible sites and composition, and move the heart on the chest. Doctors believe that the incredible flexibility has been given to Daniel since birth, but he brought it to the maximum possible limit.

Today, Tim demonstrates the terrible things large audience across America. To do this, he had a long time to study anatomy. After all, when the admiring eyes of spectators looking at you, above all, safety. Scientific studies have shown that Tim’s a much higher limit of pain, than the average person. Otherwise, he is no different from ordinary people. Including – the degree of damage inflicted when a body piercing studs, as well as the chance of death in data damage.

Typically, an object to dismantle parts, cut into pieces, and Lotito swallow them with water. The Guinness Book of Records omnivorous Michael, nicknamed “Monsieur Eat it all,” was for what ate the plane “Cessna 150”. He ate it for two whole years – from 1978 to 1980, – consuming about a kilogram aircraft per day.

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